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"I contacted Melanie one month before my wedding and she designed an intensive program to help me get ready for the big day. In just four weeks I went from completely out of shape to having noticeable muscle tone in my arms and shoulders – helping me to look great in my strapless wedding dress! She challenged me to work hard and accomplish my goals. Priceless!"

"I have been working out with Forever Fit for five months. I have lost over 15 inches and 20 pounds. The part about the personal training that I enjoy the most is that they work around my busy schedule. I love the definition & toning that develops with personal training."
...Lee Ann, Dayton Business owner

“Before I started strength training with Forever Fit I had absolutely no upper body strength. I couldn’t have done a push-up to save my life. Now I am able to do several push-ups and have gained overall strength and muscle tone. Not only do I feel better, but I’ve had fun learning along the way."
...Sue, 52 year old grandmother